MobTime Cell Phone Manager

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Description:   Manage your mobile phone simply on PC. Supports most phones of Siemens, SonyEricsson, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and others. Features include phonebook, SMS, logo, rign tone, photo, picture, video, movie, Java application, etc. Connection by Data Cable (RS232/USB), IrDA, Bluetooth.

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MobiLog! MobiLog! is a mobile weblogging ("moblogging") tool, used for posting to your web site's moblog via cell phone, PDA, or other email-enabled device. Includes image posting, Atom feed generation, themes, and an easy to navigate entry archive.

P2P Over Cell Phone network The user of this J2ME application will be able to find any kind of media shared on a subset of the cell phone network. To handle the access to the media an J2EE application will provide some control over the content. Share Media

Toastmaster Timer This timing tool is for Toastmaster speech. It runs in cell phone acting as an automatic timer. It follows the Toastmaster timing rules.

ajmetronome A.Joniec's Metronome - MIDlet metronome for cell-phone, user-frendly metronome, with advanced and unique options, usable for any musican (especially guitarist)

BTTerm bluetooth cell phone terminal BTTerm is a cell phone J2ME bluetooth terminal application (like HyperTerminal) which uses Bluetooth Serial profile to communicate with SPP slave devices like Bluesmirf, BTM-222 and other. Bluetooth Device discovery added (MAC address)Text input by a textbox

BluePhone BluePhone is a Client-Server application that allows a user to send voice from a cell phone to a computer over Bluetooth. It's completely implemented in J2ME for the Client and J2SE for the Server. To run the Server, BlueCove is needed in the computer.

Bluetooth GSM Phone Manager GSM Phone manager with a friendly graphical user interface. It uses QT for GUI, Bluetooth technology for connection and the GSM extended set of AT commands for the dialog with the device.

BlueMP3Control BlueMP3Control allows you to browse and play MP3 files on a Java server, controlledby a J2ME Midlet running in a cell phone supporting the Java Bluetooth API

Cell Server Cell server is a project that allows tasks to be remotely queried through the SMS service of one's cell phone. These tasks are then followed out by the software on the user's computer.

Cell Alarm This program let you use your cell phone as an alarm device. It will take shots, send SMS's and play a siren saound when something pass in front of their cam. Thanks to Fernando Jaber and Renan Camponez by helping on this project.

CommLog for CE CommLog of 5dtool is a freeware used for record and monitor the data from serial port of PocketPC. It would be useful for record data from total station, GPS and other rs232 device connected to PDA.It is also useful for test the line of rs232 ...

Nokia6310 SubnetCalc Nokia6310 SubnetCalc is a java midlet subnet calculator for the mobile phone. Input an ip address and subnet mask/mask bits/number of hosts wanted and it will display the hosts, network address, broadcast address, 1st IP address , last IP address, and inverse subnet mask. It ...

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